Backup BKF Restore for BKF Restoration

Since 1997, NTBackup utility has been brought forward with Windows NT to be used as a built-in backup utility. Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 also use NTBackup as backup utility. Backup format or BKF is used for keeping the backed up files. Files can be stored as backup in storage devices like hard disks, Compact disks or floppy disk and pen drives also.

"Backups are completely different from archives."

Backups are handy data which are stored by the backup system users for the purpose of filling the place of original data whenever required.

Backup systems are not fault tolerant

Backup systems are completely opposite of fault tolerant systems as any ambiguity can cause data loss situation. Here is where the Backup BKF Restore process involvement arises. As we are very well aware that Backup systems follow the best restoration strategy of the original content, so whenever there is any data loss situation arises in the backup system there is a quick urge for Restore Backup process and instant accomplishment for Backup BKF Restore procedure.

Backup Recovery

BKF Restore utility has been specially developed for considering this circumstance and enabling backup system users for performing BKF Recovery algorithm and for performing Backup BKF Restore process. Now you might be revolving around questions such as "How to Restore BKF, How to Restore Backup BKF, How to Restore Files from XP BKF File?"

Know the Execution of Backup BKF Restore Tool

When you have bought our software with the activation license, you can restore BKF files by following these simple steps:

  • Go over the “Start” button and find our software i.e. “BKF Repair” listed among programs.
  • Open the software.
  • You will easily find “Load” button present on the upper left corner of the software’s Window.
  • Click on the “Load” button.
  • You will find option of “File Name” which you can browse also.
  • You can see tree like structure of the available BKF Files
  • You can choose among those files for restoring by right clicking.
  • Select Extract option.
  • BKF file or files will be restored and you can locate them according to your choice in any drive.
  • Backup BKF Restore process is accomplished.

Extraction feature for Backup BKF Restore

BKF Recovery can be carried out by "Extract" of BKF File after selecting the corrupt BKF file. Perform Backup BKF Repair process by applying Extraction process.